Raspberry Pi – Intermediate Intro

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Operating System


What is Linux?

Linux is the operating system, just like Windows or MacOS. Unlike these, it is free and open source.

Linux comes in many distributions. Each distribution has user groups which target a particular type of use.

There are two methods of user interface, text and graphical. The interface may be called a shell. Most distributions will come with default shells, however, one may choose to use a different shell.

Linux is used in many commercial applications. Android is a linux-based system. Many servers run a version of Linux.

Linux is a popular system among Makers because of the open-source concepts. Many development groups, such as the GNU Project, have created and supported many of the features found in the current distributions.


What is Raspbian?

Raspbian is a specific Linux distribution created specifically for the Raspberry Pi. It is based on the Debian distribution. Modifications are made to account for the limitations of the hardware architecture.

Basic Commands in the Shell

The basic text-based commands are entered using the terminal shell. Many have analogous graphical methods to do the same thing. However, if super-user privileges are required, text-based commands are the only way to issue the command.


Lists the contents of the current directory


Super User Do, which grants super user privileges to make system changes and install programs

  • sudo apt-get install Name_of_Program


Manual, which displays information on linux commands


Advanced Packaging Tool, which is used to install a program from a repository.

  • apt-get install Name_of_Program


Change Directory from current to the target

File Structure

The Linux file system is structured with user, software and operating system areas.

User Areas

  • home
    • The home folder contains a users specific files and data
    • Each users has their own home directory
  • /
    • Root Directory, top level
    • Contains both system and user files
  • tmp
    • Temporary location for files
    • May be deleted with each reboot
  • download – where content that is downloaded automatically goes

Software and System Areas

  • bin
    • Binary, executable files
  • usr
    • Subdirectories for programs

Programming Software


What is Python?

It is an object oriented programming language for rapid application development.

How does one start to learn Python programming?

RaspberryPi.org has a basic set of tutorials for learning Python here. They primary use Trinket, which is a web-based application.

FutureLearn has online courses, with several specifically aimed at the RaspberryPi community here.

What NOOBS programming tools are available?

Python IDLE is a basic editor that provides basic programming capabilities in Python.

Thonny Python IDE provide more features for learning programming with Python

Additional Python Learning Resources


Amazon Video – Dr. Chuck

Python 4 Everybody book

UoM Training