Raspberry Pi – Introduction


What is it?

It is a credit-card sized computer, small, portable, and highly adaptable.

What can it do?

It can do anything a normal computer can do, but on a smaller scale.

Why use it?

To do basic development activities and have easy access to computing interfaces.

How does one start?


Assemble the Basics

Raspberry Pi

They come in many flavors. The current offerings include the 0, 3  and 4. The 1 and 2 are older models that do all the basics, but are missing some of the more advanced features.

HDMI Monitor

Any size monitor will work. Ensure that it has an input for an HDMI cable

Keyboard and Mouse

Any USB Keyboard or Mouse will work.


Power must be applied to the unit. It may be a simple USB power cord or a power supply designed to power USB devices.

Micro-SD Card

The Micro-SD Card is the operating system and storage device. It must come pre-loaded with the operating system.

Optional Items

  • WIFI connection – not needed but highly desirable
  • Speakers – needed if sound output is desired
  • Case – prevent damage

Where do we go for more information?


Most of the content of this page comes from the RaspberryPi web page. It is intended as a presentation to introduce people to RasberrryPi, not to be used to pull information from. Please go to the RasberryPi organization’s web site for full information.


Detailed Introduction pages

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